Government Shuts Down Yale-NUS With No Explanation. What Are They Afraid Of?

Once again our government decides to shut down another school. Last time this happened, it was to Nanyang University which closed its doors in 1980 to “merge” with NUS. Now, they are shutting down “Yale-NUS”, also to “merge” with NUS.

Following the announcement, some Yale-NUS student has already started a petition asking that the school reverse their decision. They ask for an explanation behind this sudden decision, and for a chance to “prove their worth”.

“We deserve to know why and how the college was made to shut down. We deserve a chance to prove ourselves worthy, a chance to convince all the decision makers to reverse this decision. Prof Lewis said that questions of academic freedom were not a factor in the college’s closure. Then, what is?”
– petition

Just what is the government afraid of? Is it the fact that some Yale-NUS students have been too vocal for their liking? Because we all know our government like to silence opposing views.

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