Petition: Ministers Must Work Harder to Ensure Equal Reward For Paralympians!

Yip Pin Xiu won gold in the women’s 100m backstroke event in the Tokyo Paralympics. It is not fair that she will be rewarded less than 1/4 of what an Olympic athlete will get. In 2016, Joseph Schooling won gold and got $1,000,000. Yip, who also won gold in the Paralympics that year, only got $200,000 per gold medal.

Some Singaporeans have started a petition to call for equal rewards for Paralympic and Olympic athletes.

“Pin Xiu worked just as hard, if not harder than any able bodied olympian to achieve where she is, winning the gold medal against the world’s best and glorifying our nation on the World stage.”

The petition called the government’s unequal reward system “an act of discrimination.”

This issue has been debated many times in Parliament but each time, our highly-paid Ministers gave flimsy reasons like how they are not the ones who decide how much to reward them with. They did not take one step further to improve the reward system. Now, even after so many years, things are still the same. Nobody did their job. It is still unfair.

Why do we pay Ministers so much if we raise issues only for them to say that it’s not in their purview or that they can’t help with anything? Our athletes deserve to be rewarded fairly for all their hard work. Dear Ministers, you are the ones who have to work harder. It’s about time to do something about it!

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