Safe Distancing Ambassador Caught for Harassing Women at Tampines

A Safe Distancing Ambassador (SDA) was caught for using his job to harass women. He was reported to the police several times for repeatedly following and harassing them.

One of the women works in a restaurant in Tampines. She said that the SDA would pretend to explain safe distancing rules to customers in her restaurant and from there, slowly make conversation with her. He would ask her for her off days and if she had a boyfriend. He also pestered her for her phone number.

She was disgusted but felt pressured by him and eventually gave him her number. Since then, he contacted her frequently and harassed her with his advances. Once, he even took a photo of her without her knowledge and sent it to her, telling her she is pretty.

She finally could not take it and reported him to the police. The authorities are aware of this matter and are investigating.

So daring of him to make use of his SDA title to harass women! Is this acceptable? What do you think is an appropriate punishment for him?

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