Singaporeans Baffled at Benjamin Glynn’s Sentence. Why Do We Welcome FTs Like Him?

Benjamin Glynn was sentenced to 6 weeks in prison but he is already released. He had his jail term backdated as he was remanded in Jul 2021.

Some Singaporeans were baffled at the sentence. Glynn was photographed many times without a mask. He was a public nuisance, was rude to the authorities and has no respect for the law. For someone who thinks he’s above the law, all he got was 6 weeks?

Why did we go through all the hoo-ha just for him to be sentenced and released so quickly? Why are we wasting our taxpayers’ money on a Sovereign FT?

It’s great that Glynn is going to be deported but it seems like too fast of a happy ending for him. He didn’t even express any remorse or sincerity!

Most crucially, how was he allowed to enter our country when he is so crazy? We have seen enough FTs who think that they are too good for us and can disregard our laws, so why do we continue to open our legs wide to people like him? Fine, it may be difficult for a madman like Benjamin Glynn to learn his lesson. But what about us? Have we not learnt enough?

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