Netizen: My Friend Who Is 36 Years Old Has A Business Degree But Cannot Find White Collar Job

One netter shared in a Facebook post that his friend who is 36 years old cannot get a white collar job in Singapore.

“He got a polytechnic diploma in marketing. Later he went to take a private degree in business, I think it is not really recognised as it is completed in 1 year part time.”

He shared that his friend started working at 23-years-old after he ORD, but he could only get an administrative job and his salary never went beyond $2500/month.

“He got retrenched at 36 years old. Went for more than 10 admin job interviews in 1 month but did not have any job offer.”

His friend then gave up in the job hunt and went to work as a cashier at a supermarket with a salary of less than $2000/month.

“Is this normal in singapore? Anyone here experience this too or heard of such stories? I thought 36 years old is still ok, maybe only after 40 years old than cannot find white collar job.”

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