Another Sovereign Refuses To Wear Masks And Even Assaults Those Who Asks Him To Mask Up

Dear Editors, I have a case of an assault on me this morning by an Indian national who lives in my hdb estate.

The story was he was found sitting on my lift landing smoking and also consuming some drinks. He was not masked up.

I told him politely to mask up. He refused. He then proceeded to the ground level and I was also headed out for breakfast at that time. He was now at my lift lobby at the ground floor smoking. That was fine. He then came up to me and started to yell at me and asked me who i was to tell him to mask up. To that I responded that I was a resident here and I felt safer if he had masked up.

He then walked around my blk without a mask! I told him, look mask up or I have to call the cops. He refused and still blatantly walked around the block without a mask. I then decided that I would film this dude to ensure others take note of him.

When I started to film him, he charged at me without provocation and hit me several times, I fell to the floor as it was a sudden attack and lost balance. He then began kicking me.

Another resident nearby intervened and warned him to stop. He has his fist up at this resident as well and the resident warned him if he tried anything he would lay a few blows at him too.

He then stopped and still didn’t mask up. The police finally arrived and guess what? They didn’t arrest him!! I showed them the footage but still they didn’t arrest him. The witness or the resident testified to his kicking me but the cops did not make any arrests.

So here’s my wise or 2 cents worth of question. Can I also do the same and walk around my neighbourhood without a mask? And claim i am a sovereign and above the law or don’t believe in one? Can I? Why are these people treated with so much respect and they blatantly break all the rules we follow?

Is this fair to me? Who gives anyone the right to assault when I was trying to tell him to do this for the sake of the community? Was I wrong? Do I deserve that beating this man gave me?

I was conveyed conscious to CGH but CGH didn’t even do a good job checking my injuries out? We have foreign doctors and nurses and my a&e doc was from Hong Kong! So what is the value of the fabric of society or what is the value of nationalism? Anymore?

<A.S.S. Contributor>

See the video of the assault here.

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