Netizen: My Neighbour Keeps Pointing Their Phone Camera Into Our Bedroom But Police Does Nothing!

One netizen “HL” shared in a Facebook post that she caught her neighbour directing their phone camera into her bedroom from their toilet’s window this weekend. She initially shouted “stop peeping” at them and they did shift their phones away for a while.

However, they re-positioned their phone shortly after to point it in HL’s direction once again. HL then immediately notified her husband and the police.

“When the police arrived about half an hour later, they did go over to the next-door unit. The police mentioned that the female occupant admitted that she HAD THE INTENTION to take pictures of me but never did. The police mentioned they could not found any photos on their phone and hence there is no evidence to proceed.”
– HL

According to HL, this is not their first attempt as her neighbours took a picture of HL’s grandma without her consent on another occasion. “My grandma did not pursue it as she was not aware the action could be considered illegal.”

Why is it that the police could just walk away even though the neighbours already admitted that they had the intention to take pictures? Isn’t the intention to commit a crime enough to warrant an action against it?

“That unit has been harassing our unit and other neighbours on other issues as she thought they can get away with everything – apparently it seemed she managed to talk her way out every time. Any advices on how to bring justice to this issue? Isn’t it illegal to “peep” or take pictures/videos of someone’s bedroom without consent (furthermore she verbally also admit the intention and I saw her doing it)? HELP please…”
– HL

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