Netizen: I am fully vaxxed but I shan’t dine at restaurants come Aug 10

COVID measures allowing only fully vaccinated individuals to dine in restaurants up to groups of 5 starts today. Unvaccinated individuals can only dine in hawker centres in groups of 2. In response, one anonymous netizen uploaded a forum post saying, “I am fully vaxxed. That said, I stand in solidarity with my fellow unvaxxed S’poreans. As such, I shan’t dine at restaurants come Aug 10.”

“Exceptionally desperate to boost inoculation rates so it could unabashedly pimp Singapore once more to all and sundry, this PAP government has resorted to an overtly underhanded strategy of discrimination based on vaccine status. Divide and conquer through engendering infighting amongst citizens, brilliant yet despicable. Well, I got news for you dear monkeys in white, your agenda shall fail miserably – because we have since realized you never cared whether we live or die; you would do whatever it takes just to flourish atop our bones.

When another of your inexplicably hurried, vacillating decisions to lift dining restrictions comes into effect next Tuesday, I shall take the first step of refusing to set foot inside restaurants. Rest assured I am not alone, for more than a dozen of my friends have pledged to do the same. And when word spreads, I have utmost faith many will follow suit to unequivocably demonstrate the fallibility of your judgement call.”
– Blue Blooded Specimen

The new rules prevent everybody who hasn’t completed their vaccination regime from dining out. This includes those who only have had their first dose (some of whom had to stop their vaccination because of allergic reaction) and people with pre-existing medical conditions.

In their mission to inconvenience all the anti-vaxxers, they also implicated people with legitimate reasons. How many Singaporeans who are not fully vaccinated are actually anti-vaxxers? They should at least study and reveal the proportion of how many have legitimate reasons instead of just implementing a blanket policy like this!

Hopefully, there will be more Singaporeans like the forum letter writer above. Can give more business to the local hawkers anyway. Our own government likes to leave Singaporeans behind.

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