CECA Asks Why They Still Can’t Enter Singapore Freely, Said We’re Unfriendly

With the new Covid-19 restrictions, vaccinated work pass holders are allowed to apply for re-entry. However, long term pass holders from some countries can only enter on a limited basis.

A CECA talent was frustrated about this and tagged LHL online to ask why India is “still banned”. The foreign talent claimed that India has fewer infections now and questioned the need for Singapore to continue restricting them from our country.

Apparently, someone suggested using other methods like travelling to another country and staying there for some time before coming here. However, the FT was still unhappy that they have to resort to doing this instead of gaining direct access into Singapore. He/she was disappointed that Singapore has become “unfriendly” to them.

The world is facing a pandemic. What makes them think they must have the right to come here as they please? Is India truly safe from Covid-19? What do you think?

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