Pervert Molests 2 Women In Broad Daylight On Orchard Road

In a series of Instastories, one netter shared about her encounter with a pervert in broad daylight on orchard road. The netter witnessed the man molesting 2 women in broad daylight on Orchard Road.

“We were all waiting to cross the junction between Paragon and Taka. The first victim, he he grabbed her breast out of nowhere! I saw everything behind her and shouted at him. Guess what, nobody else said anything. Then he crossed the road while it was still green for cars creating a distance.”

This was when the netter decided to run after the pervert to take videos and pictures of him. But this stupid guy not scared, he grabbed another woman’s breast.

There were other people around, but nobody came to help or said anything. This is why this kind of perverts are so daring! He never wear mask some more!

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