Construction Workers Must Wear ‘Unique Identifiers’ to Show They’re Unvaccinated. Will We Have to Do the Same?

From 16 Aug 2021, unvaccinated persons at construction worksites will have to wear a “unique visual identifier” to show that they are not vaccinated. This is according to the Building and Construction Authority’s website:

BCA did not say what this “unique visual identifier” is, but workers at worksites already have to go for regular swabs and carry around their equivalent of TraceTogether tokens. Will wearing a unique identifier help significantly?

So much for saying that there is no discrimination. They are made to wear it at all times and be supervised at all times. How will people who cannot take the vaccine due to medical reasons feel about it? Will the Multi-Ministry Task Force make Singaporeans do the same?

What’s more, does this make vaccinated persons more protected? Does it also mean that vaccinated persons don’t have to comply with safe management measures? There are so many questionable points. Is this really the best idea they can think of?

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