AMDK Says That He Was “Tortured” in Changi Prison and “Kidnapped and Abducted” by the Police

Benjamin Glynn, the angmoh who say he don’t need to wear mask and that he feels sad to see people wear mask told the judges that “I will never plead guilty or not guilty.” He say that he is a sovereign so the charges don’t apply to him. This AMDK also say that he is enlightened because he don’t want to be a slave.

“My mind is crystal clear.. I’m wide aware. I’m enlightened… Just because I refuse to be a slave, you accuse me of being a lunatic.”
– Benjamin Glynn

He then also claims that he has been “kidnapped and abducted” against his will by the police, and that he had been “tortured physically and psychologically”.

He also shouted, “I’m disgusted with how the Singapore judicial system has treated me,” to which one of his friends in the gallery started giving an applause. A blatant disrespect for the Singapore law.

What is with all these FTs in Singapore claiming that they are sovereign?! You come here to work, least you can do is follow our laws here. If you don’t like our laws, then go back to your country where you can be a sovereign all you want!

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