There’s No Photo ID for Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers. How Do We Know If They’re Real?

Singaporeans cannot deny entry to safe distancing enforcement officers who want to check our homes. They do not need a warrant to do so.

It’s bad enough that the government does not give us a choice, but it’s worse that there’s no good way for us to identify these enforcement officers. Safe distancing enforcement officers reportedly wear lanyards or armbands that do not have their photo IDs. They just look like this:

Isn’t it easy to fake? Without photo IDs, there is no way to verify if we are letting in a real or fake officer even though they show us their “identification” passes. This is something that concerns our privacy and our families. How do they expect us to trust them if things are so unreliable and flimsy?

Even a 19-year-old teenager can fake it. Last year, a teenager was caught for impersonating a safe distancing enforcement officer near Westgate. Who is to say that no one else will do the same?

This is about our homes. It is our private space and it is very close and important to us. The authorities cannot impose a rule like that without ensuring proper verification process and expect us to accept it 100%. What are they even thinking? Did they ownself check ownself again?

It’s 2021 and we have no choice over our own homes. Is that ok?

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