Netizen: Irresponsible Dog Owner Never Pick Up Her Dog’s Poo!

Dear editor,

I would like to first qualify that I am not against any dogs or any dog owners. In fact, I am a dog lover and pawrent to a lovely adopted “Singapore Special” breed.

On 30 July, 2.30pm, I witness this lady with her 2 dogs (yorkshire terriers) around block 128/129 Kim Tian Road. She allowed her dogs to defecate on the pavement and walked away without clearing the poo from the cement pavement.

Wanting to remind her in case she missed out picking up the poo, I called out at her with multiple “Hello” & “Madam”, in a very courteous manner. As our distance is quite near and the area is not congested, I could almost sense that she was pretending not to hear me.

After catching up with her, she finally decided to acknowledge and asked me where is the poo and said that she had already picked up for her dogs, showing me a plastic bag. I explained that she could have missed out another and guided her back to the scene. I wanted to show it to her before telling her that it would be better if she guide her dogs to defecate on the grass patches in the future. However, after following me for a very short while, she decided to turn around and walk off in the opposite direction.

Seeing that she decided to flee the scene, I caught up with her again. This time, she turned hostile and shouted (in Mandarin, PRC accent) that she did not offend me in any ways “我是哪里得罪你!”. Again, i tried to rationalise that it’s her responsibility to clear up for her dogs. And until this point, I can honestly say that I have not been rude or aggressive. She insist that she is not responsible and even claimed that the poo was from me instead (human stool).

I decided not to persuade her further but took a photo of her and the scene to raise awareness. She tried to snatch my phone but was not successful.

I wanted to keep the community clean and uphold the name for other dog owners who are mostly responsible. Unfortunately, after I returned to the scene from home with a plastic bag to pick up the dog poo, it had already been stepped-on and crushed by an unfortunate passerby, leaving patches of stains on the pavement.

<A.S.S. Contributor>

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