64-year-old Dies 8 hours After First COVID-19 Vaccine

On Saturday (31 July), Charlene Yong took to Facebook to detail how six days earlier at 10.05am, her mother had received her first dose of her COVID vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty). Tragically, about eight hours after the jab, Ms Yong’s mother collapsed at home while cleaning the floor.

In her post, Charlene noted that her mother had led an “active lifestyle and is mostly healthy except for controlled hypertension and mild diabetes”.

“My mother leads an active life and is mostly healthy except for controlled hypertension and mild diabetes. What could have happened during the course of the vaccination that robbed her of her life? Or was it just pure coincidence that she has to return to Jesus on the day where she received her first dose of vaccination?”
– Charlene Yong

According to her post, Charlene “used to be” an advocate for the COVID-19 vaccination and she even “debunked” speculations about it being unsafe.

She hopes to get closure on this incident, adding that “hopefully with the coroner’s report, we can better understand the true cause of death than just ‘hypertensive and coronary artery disease’.”

“If it is truly a death related to the COVID-19 vaccination, our family would just like to take the chance to share the experience of my mother so as to help heighten the exposure and knowledge to

1. the cross interactions of the vaccination with my mother’s medication for her hypertension/or
2. if mopping the floor is to be discouraged for elderly who have received the vaccination or
3. was the screening at the vaccination centre adequate for elderly with medical conditions similar to my mum before given the go ahead for the vaccination?”

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