Safe Distancing Officers Can Enter Houses Without Warrant. We Don’t Have A Say In Our Own Home!

Safe distancing enforcement officers can enter your house without a warrant to check if you are complying with Covid-19 regulations. This comes after a man named Nick Mikhail complained about officers barging into his home. They received complaints about a party but did not find anything there.

Nick’s wife was alone at the time and had to face several officers by herself. He was dumbfounded as to how they did not need a warrant to enter people’s houses. Does that mean we don’t even have privacy in our own homes? Do we have the right to refuse them entry?

Furthermore, when officers receive complaints, how do they validate that they are real before barging into people’s homes? Can they do this without evidence? In Nick’s case, they did not find any violation of Covid-19 rules. Does this mean it was a case of false reporting? What then, will they do about this?

Also, it seems like the household limit of 2 visitors does not apply to these officers.

Now that they do not even need a warrant, there is nothing to stop errant individuals from impersonating as enforcement officers and going into our homes. They can claim to be from enforcement agencies and show a fake pass. Who is to say it wouldn’t happen? When it happens, how will we know?

Singaporeans can deal with some exceptions because of Covid, but this is too much. There are so many questionable points! As always, it takes a viral complaint before the authorities bother to give us an explanation. If not for Nick, will we continue to be left in the dark? Do they even care about our privacy and our rights? How can this b allow?

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