Netizen: My Dad’s QO is Ending and MOH Still Haven’t Come To Fetch Or Swab Him!

MOH messes up their quarantine order (QO) again! One netizen shared that her dad received a QO on 23 Jul 2021, and the instructions given was for him to wait 2-3 days for someone to fetch him. Unfortunately, after 4-5 days, there were still no news/further updates.

“Tried calling the hotline for multiple time, could not get through. I private message certis on FB and finally I got a call back. And multiple people have been saying different things.”
– Min Li

Since 30 July 2021, Min Li was informed that they will be sending people down to swab her dad. However, it is already 1 August 2021, his quarantine ends on 1 August 2021, and not a single person went down to their place for the swab test.

“Every morning call me at 8+am just to check if the swabbing is done anot. Why not just PLEASE get it done ASAP. They have people saying that my dad is free to go. But please, I have said this multiple times, I need a negative swab for him and I need to submit to my HR before I can restart my work.”

According to her Facebook post, she works in the healthcare sector, and she has run out of annual leave just waiting for her dad’s swab test to be done. She is also unable to return to work unless her dad is tested negative.

In the past week, there have been a number of lapses in MOH executing their QO. What is with the half hearted attitude from them nowadays?! That’s why our cases keep going up!

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