NEA and SPF Barge Into People’s House Acting Like Hooligans To Find Nothing There

Yesterday, netizen Nick Mikhail Razak uploaded two videos onto his Facebook profile sharing that NEA officers and police officers barged into his house without a warrant after receiving a complaint form his neighbour that they were having a party.

At that time (about 10:45pm), the only person at home was Nick’s wife – he was out for a walk with his son. His wife stayed at home because she just took her second COVID jab and she wasn’t feeling well. There is obviously no party there – there were no shoes, no cars, no lights.

According to Nick, when they found the house, they just opened the gate and barged into the premises without ringing the door bell. They then knocked onto Nick’s front door asking that his wife opens the door without explaining why. At that time, his wife who was groggy just followed instructions as she was shocked.

What’s worse is that the officers were very unprofessional! There was a female NEA officer, but they got a male NEA officer to escort Nick’s wife into a room for questioning. The police officers (who had body cams) just stood outside guarding his door when the body cams would have been useful to record if any of the officers mistreated his wife.

“From the camera I saw, one male, NEA guy, he escorted my wife to the room. Why only 1 guy escorted my wife to the room? She was in pyjamas. The female officer was busy looking at the frames, looking at the house, looking at things.. Most of the guys were just standing around… The 2 police officers became bouncers just guarding the door.”
– Nick Mikhail Razak

From his CCTV footage, it could also be seen that the NEA officers were looking at Nick’s personal belongings – his photos, his fishtank etc. How does this make sense?! Someone complain there’s a party you are supposed to look for people! Not digging through people’s personal belongings!

You are supposed to be enforcing laws! Not acting like hooligans and barging into people’s house even after obviously the complain wasn’t accurate!

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