My Family Keeps Having Our Quarantine Extended As MOH Never Respond to Us!

A woman has had enough with the Ministry of Health after they repeatedly failed to let her know about her quarantine arrangements.

She has 6 family members in her household. One of them tested positive on 21 Jul and they were told to wait for MOH’s instructions. Nothing.

After a few days on 24 Jul, a 2nd family member showed symptoms. The woman tried calling MOH, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and a quarantine officer but to no avail.

“In the end we have to call 995 to be sent to NCID. We received a call the next day to confirm the positive test results and told that our quarantine have been extended to 7 Aug based on last contact of positive case and was assured that within the next 48 hours we will be separated and tested for the swab. We were told that we’re high risk and will be arranged for quarantine and disinfection. However we didn’t get any news again.”

Almost a week later, a 3rd family member showed symptoms and tested positive. She tried to contact the quarantine officer but again, nothing. She was annoyed that MOH did not get back to her about any arrangements; her quarantine order keeps getting extended as her family members take turns to fall sick.

“It have been 10 days since the first covid positive in our family, 6 days since the second covid positive and 1 day since the thrid covid positive… This is never ending with no arrangements made.

Currently there are 3 of us left at home, not yet tested and we are very lost of what lies ahead, we are very worried and this can be prevented if we are all tested and separated from the first positive case since 21 Jul.”

Out of desperation, she had no choice but to post on Facebook to get more awareness. She is exasperated by MOH’s incompetence and hopes that they can do something about it as it is really tough for her family.

What is MOH waiting for? Does it take a viral post for them to act on it? What are they doing?

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