Netizen: Let those who can’t be vaccinated take part in activities too!

Lawrence Wong recently announced that COVID restrictions will be reviewed in early August, but easing of measures (e.g. dining out, going to gyms, attending events with >100 people) will only be for vaccinated people.

One netizen wrote in to ST Forum to ask that the government don’t anyhow impose a blanket restriction on unvaccinated people. Some of these people are not vaccinated because of medical reasons. She also suggested that they should be given a certificate to exempt them from needing to be vaccinated.

There are also people who are only administered the first dose of the vaccine, but after they had allergic reactions, they were asked not to take the second. Having a blanket restriction will be unfair for all those people.

“While unvaccinated seniors with chronic illnesses may be at risk of serious complications if they catch the coronavirus, little has been said about people who, due to their medical conditions, are unable to get the Covid-19 vaccination.

Singapore plans to ease some measures early next month for vaccinated people if virus clusters are under control and hospitalisation rates remain low (S’pore to review Covid-19 curbs early next month, July 27).

The fully vaccinated may, for instance, attend an event involving more than 100 persons, or dine in a restaurant.

Not all unvaccinated seniors have weak immunity and are susceptible to catching the virus.

I urge the task force tackling Covid-19 to avoid imposing blanket restrictions on all unvaccinated individuals.

Those who are medically unfit for the vaccines should be issued a certificate of exemption to allow them to also participate in activities for the fully vaccinated.”
Priscilla Poh Beng Hoon

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