MOH Messes Up Exit Swab Schedule For Netter on QO in Hotel

MOH messes up on another netter’s quarantine order. According to a screenshot of a Facebook post shared by an ASS contributor, a netter was supposed to have their exit swab so that they can leave the quarantine facility (hotel) tomorrow. However, MOH messes up by arranging for someone to go to the netter’s house for the exit swab.

“I am supposed to have my exit swab so that I can get out of the QO facility (hotel) tomorrow. MOH screw up big time by arranging someone to go my house for the exit swab. I called my hotel and they can’t really do anything as the swab list did not include me.”

According to the netter’s post, they also tried to call MOH “for the past 1 hour” to no avail.

Why is the QO so messy recently? Just yesterday we shared that MOH forgot to contact a netter’s family after her daughter was put on QO. The daughter waited at home after MOH say that they will be in contact in the next 48 hours but they forgot about it and it has been 7 days.

They are getting very complacent!

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