Basketball Hoop Structure Already Looked Tilted, Said Friend of Teen Who Died

A 17-year old teenager died after a basketball hoop structure collapsed and fell on him on Monday night.

A friend of his reportedly said that the structure was already tilted even though the Chairman of East Coast Town Council explained that the court was rather newly refurbished over a year ago.

The facilities may be new but that does not mean they do not need maintenance. When was the last time the Town Council conducted checks? Has the structure been faulty for some time? How else would it have collapsed so suddenly?

Netizens also questioned East Coast Town Council and demanded to know if there was negligence. A few who claimed to be residents in the area said that their estate has not been managed properly for a long time.

East Coast Town Council must give answers. The boy’s friend said that the incident has affected him and he will not be returning to the court anytime soon.

This is yet another tragedy involving a young Singaporean. Is the public space no longer safe for our children?

Our condolences to the boy’s family

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