Netizens: Do not let vaccination status divide us!

There is a new petition going around asking that the government does not divide us by vaccination status. This is started in response to suggestions for different levels of access and rules for the vaxxed and non-vaxxed in public areas, schools, work areas, and different dining rules / safe distancing rules in society.

“Today, we wish to speak up about the issue of vaccines in society. There has been much-heated debate about the safety of Covid vaccines worldwide. As a small country we need people to stay united and not let these issues divide us.”

The petition is right to say that having such a rule will make things even more complicated for the F&B establishments with even more things to do. They already have to ensure safe entry, some more they still need to upkeep safe distancing between tables to stop people from intermingling.

Also, there are people in our society who cannot take the vaccine for medical reasons! Will they be discriminated just because of their vaccine status even if they want to get vaccinated?

The government must not divide Singapore any further!

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