NS Instructor Yells Vulgarities To Passerby To Haolian In Front Of New Recruits

Earlier today (26 July), Ivan Ho was waiting for a friend at Pasir Ris MRT when he noticed an Army instructor talking to new recruits with a drink in one hand and no mask on. In his Facebook post, Ivan shared that the instructor was talking for about half an hour without his mask.

When Ivan decided to approach the instructor to ask him to “mask up, and not be a bad example to the younger ones”, the instructor retorted “WHO R U”. He allegedly also said “if you are not happy, i wear and show you”.

It did not end there, when Ivan decided to walk away to avoid confrontation, “he left an expletive to me that contains language that mentioned my mum”.

What kind of example is this instructor setting for new recruits? Are these the type of people that gets promoted in the army?!

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