Gov May Only Allow Vaccinated People to Dine In. Is This Discrimination?

The Multi-Ministry Task Force announced that any easing of Covid-19 measures will only apply to people who are vaccinated. In future, those who are vaccinated can dine-in or go to the gym whereas those who are not may not be able to.

This is the MTF’s way of saying: too bad for you.

Is it a wise move to introduce different set of rules for different people? It’s not like vaccination is compulsory. If we recall correctly, the decision is entirely up to the individual. There is nothing wrong in not getting vaccinated. So why does the MTF penalize people for not wanting to get vaccinated?

What about the young who cannot get the vaccine? What set of rules will they fall under? How about people who have health issues, or unvaccinated employees who have to attend a company event? Will all of them be forced to take the vaccine? Will they be discriminated for not taking it?

Covid-19 will be endemic and we will have to live with it, but the MTF should not do it in such a way that divides our country. What we need is to move forward together. We should not discriminate against our own people, not when the government did not make vaccination compulsory.

If it is all going to boil down to this, why not make it mandatory in the first place? They don’t have to beat about the bush. This is Singapore. It’s not like we always have the freedom to decide for ourselves anyway.

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