Foreign PMETs Who Are Subsequently Given PR Are Classified As “Local” PMETs?!

There is an anonymous post on NUSWhispers sharing that he/she is a foreigner who graduated from NUS in 2018 and is now working at a consulting company in the finance industry. The netter then added that he subsequently obtained his PR “through my employer’s support on condition that I wouldn’t quit anytime soon after I got my PR.”

Is this just one instance of this happening? There must be many more foreigners out there who are given PR/citizenship so that they can be statistically classified as a “local” in the statistics that MOM has put up.  

This guy even says that he is “interested in a SGUnited Traineeship”, isn’t this SGUnited Traineeship meant to help SINGAPOREANS who are having a hard time because of this pandemic?

Also aren’t companies also enticed to help convert their foreign “talents” to become locals just so they can meet the quota requirements? The government must be more transparent about this and tell us just how many PMETs in the workforce are previously “foreigners”!

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