Netizens: Why Is The Government So Stubborn About Proceeding With NDP?!

The government has been falling short in their COVID response. From allowing foreigners from high-risk countries into the nation, to allowing KTVs to proceed with their shady businesses thanks to their “pivoting” grants – now they want to proceed with National Day Celebrations.

It seems like they haven’t learnt their lesson! At the start, when we were slow to ban the entry of travelers from China, and when they advise Singaporeans not to wear masks, we could still blame it on inexperience. Now, after more than a year of dealing with COVID, how can they still use the excuse of “no evidence” to get away with their repeated failures?

What is the point of their million dollar salary if they need citizens to tell them how to do their job properly? Because they stubbornly want to hold NDP, there is a petition going around asking that they cancel it. The petition already has 28k signatures this morning!

An alleged full time NSF participating in the parade also claimed on reddit that many social distancing measures are not adhered to at the rehearsals. There is also a lot of food wastage!

Majority of Singaporeans have been obedient and following social distancing rules. Yet, because the government was unable to control some sleazy uncles who like visiting the KTVs, we are now blamed and punished for being irresponsible.

To those who want to say that the KTV cluster was still Singaporeans’ fault, think about how many things the government could have done to stop such businesses from happening. These sleazy lounges were already quite well known, yet they let them exist under the radar. Still give them grant some more to pass off as an “F&B” to continue their business during a pandemic. Yes, like illegal drugs, the government cannot stop people from demanding such products/services. But, like illegal drugs, the government can take action against these businesses, that’s why it’s called “illegal”.

Why are we still celebrating NDP when our country has just moved a few steps backwards after all our containment efforts? Our frontline workers have been working hard and putting their lives on the line every day by fighting against the virus, will their efforts go to waste again because of the government’s lack of foresight?

Please lah, contain the virus before you ask us to celebrate Singapore.

A concerned citizen,
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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