PAP Volunteer Ignores Dietary Restrictions of Diabetic Person on SHN When Sending Meals


the Govt and its cronies doesn’t care bout my health at all! I’ll try to keep this a brief as possible. You see, I was placed on a 3 day SHN due to respiratory infection. I have a history of asthma and bronchitis. As I am living alone, there’s no one to help me buy food.

I’m also a diabetic which had affected my eyes. It took 3 yrs of eye injections and lasers before my condition became stable. Under doctor’s orders, it is imperative I follow a strict diet lest I get a relapse which would be utterly calamitous at this stage.

So, I sought help from a PAP volunteer called Kelvin. I told him I had to follow a strict diet but he would have none of it!?!? As ya can, the food he sent to me were not healthy for a diabetic! I even offered to pay for the food but he wouldn’t even give me the chance to make my choices!

As shown, I told him I couldn’t take pork and he still deliberately ordered a dish with pork with white rice (unhealthy for diabetics)

Other dishes include a very unhealthy fish hor fun. (If more attachment space is given, I can show you the dishes he sent me.) you may contact me for them too.

It’s only day 2 of my SHN. I’m v worried bout the food that will come on day 3. It shouldn’t be this way. The volunteer Kelvin is clearly making trouble for me. As shown he doesn’t even care I’m diabetic!

I’m a law-abiding citizen and will adhere to my 3 day SHN, so I will not break the law and go out and buy food yet I’m being poisoned at home!

A helpless diabetic
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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