Netizen: Owners Of KTV Lounges Should Be Made To Pay!

Recently the spike in COVID cases due to the outbreak at the KTV lounges have led to the tightening of restrictions once again. From tomorrow, dining in will cease, and households can only accept up to two visitors. This is after most of Singaporeans have done our best to obey the rules and got ourselves vaccinated.

One netizen pointed out that more investigation needs to be made about the cost of all the legitimate F&B businesses having to do a last minute closure, and the owners of the sleazy KTV lounges should be made to pay.

“What does it cost all the legitimate F&B businesses that had a brief respite of reopening to larger groups of patrons, only to shut down again? What is the cost of restricting us to only two visitors a day in our homes, instead of five, or more? The latter is a cost of mental well-being, a cost to the spirit. Who puts a price on that?

I hope the experts can work out these and other costs because I also hope the owners of Singapore’s KTV lounges will be made to pay. And then pay some more.”
– Alan John

He also rightfully said that this KTV outbreak was caused by people who chose to ignore the laws. They even found loopholes to keep their “F&B” businesses going. All these while, the Social Distancing Ambassadors were deployed all over the country, except in these suspicious KTVs.

“So where were the social distancing ambassadors, who have been so diligent in making the rest of us behave in the supermarket, in restaurants, on the street and even in the Botanic Gardens? Where were the vigilantes who, egged on by officials, were ready to whip out their phones and expose, shame and ridicule “covidiots”?

Nothing those individuals and many others did compares with what the selfish KTV owners, their employees and patrons have got away with for so long. Singapore’s biggest bunch of covidiots, who have shown not a shred of responsibility or care for anyone else. And now, everyone else pays. This is not sad or frustrating or disappointing, it’s totally maddening. Do those sums, add up the costs. Then make the KTV owners pay like nobody else has so far.”

Why were these sleazy businesses allowed to “pivot” to become an F&B? They even received grants paid by taxpayers to do so! This is while our double standard government stopped home based businesses and punished restaurants for not being able to control unreasonable customers.

We are now all suffering because of the selfish KTV owners. Legitimate F&B businesses had to throw pre-ordered ingredients away due to sudden closures. Some fishmongers who were told to close their businesses also had trouble clearing their stock. On top of these losses, these people also lost their source of income overnight.

The government must look into these losses, and they should punish the KTV owners who blatantly flouted the laws by making them pay. There should also be no reason why the government needs to use taxpayers’ money to cater to the demand of these sleazy customers. These suspicious businesses must be shut down!

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