Vietbu Who Started KTV Cluster Works At Jurong Fishery Port In The Day

According to a Facebook post by Shin Min Daily, the KTV cluster and the cluster at Jurong Fishery Port is linked. The Vietnamese lady who was the KTV cluster’s first case actually works in the day at Jurong Fishery Port and moonlights at the KTV lounges for extra cash.

If this report is true, this one lady who came into Singapore on “familial ties” visa via her boyfriend started two major clusters in Singapore. Moreover, there are also confirmed cases in our schools now which might have started from either of these clusters.

This sudden outbreak and our government still dare to say that we are “on track” to getting COVID under control. Now then they say they no longer allow boyfriend/girlfriend to be classified as “familial ties”, and finally they decide to clamp down on all these suspicious KTV activities.

This is too little too late!

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