Singaporean Pays Tribute to Cobbler Uncle Who Passed On, Fixed Shoes for Just A Few Dollars

Have you had your shoes fixed at the cobbler? Do you remember walking past the cobbler uncle as you frequent your neighbourhood shops? A Singaporean very kindly paid tribute to a late cobbler in the neighbourhood by pasting a sign on the wall where he worked.

One of the late cobbler’s customers said:

“On so many occasions, I would run to him to rescue my Nikes which I couldn’t afford to replace. And he would restitch the sides so I could get a couple of more months out of my old shoes. Those skills and the pride he took in his work… all for just a few dollars.”

Uncle had been a bigger part of people’s lives than those prominent figures or celebrities who get expensive obituaries. But at least this time, someone remembered him.

“I’m glad someone took the trouble to post a tribute for the cobbler. I and many others in the neighbourhood wouldn’t otherwise have known of his passing… for those of us who’ve known him, certainly a silent prayer in our hearts.

Thank you, Mr Cobbler. You made a difference in my life. RIP.”

Our condolences to the cobbler’s family.

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