Netizen: Enterprise Singapore Allowed Shady KTV Operators To Get $50k Grants To Do Their Business?!

One of our readers questions why ESG is supporting such a sleazy business.


Dear ASS,

With the recent spike of locally transmitted COVID-19 cases from KTV clusters, I wanted to look deeper into the root cause of the matter: Singapore’s Nightlife Business Association (SNBA)’s PIVOT initiative!

Which brilliant president scholar/minister approved this dubious scheme, which allows shady KTV operators to apply and receive up to $50k grants from Enterprise Singapore (ESG) to continue running their sleazy business under the guise of “pivot”?

Quick check shows ESG is a stat board under MTI, previously helmed by Chan Chun Sing (May 2018-2021) and currently led by Gan Kim Yong (since May 2021).

“a. Operators who wish to convert to F&B operations may apply to Enterprise Singapore (ESG) through SNBA at [email protected] for a grant of up to S$50,000 to defray qualifying costs incurred during the pivoting process such as costs related to refurbishment works, purchase of kitchen & service equipment and business consultancy*. The proposal template & step-by-step guide will be provided by SNBA for reference.

*For operators who wish to pivot to other permissible businesses besides F&B, applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

b. Applications for the grant are open from now till 30 September 2021. All applications should be submitted to ESG by 30 September 2021.”
– SNBA’s Pivot Grant Support

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Trish Suan
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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