First Covid-19 Case In KTV Cluster entered Singapore via “Familial Ties” Sponsored By Boyfriend

MOM and ICA just released a joint statement about the COVID-19 cluster in the KTV, saying that according to their checks the first case came in to Singapore via “familial ties”.

“According to checks by the ICA, this Vietnamese national entered Singapore in February 2021 via the familial ties lane, sponsored by a Singapore citizen who is her boyfriend,”
– ICA and MOM in a joint statement.

Why is a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship considered a “familial tie”? They are not married, and are they even still together? The “boyfriend” who sponsored her should also be placed on quarantine in case he is a super spreader, and their relationship should be investigated!

As of yesterday, there are a total of 87 cases linked to the KTV cluster. There are at least 8 short-term visit pass holders. How many of them entered here because they had a boyfriend? ICA must be more strict when scrutinizing all the applications!

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