Man Wanted to Take MC, Was Told By Racist Supervisor: “Malays Are the Same”

A man was met with racist comments after telling his supervisor that he was on MC.

The employee, who is Malay, had informed his supervisor that he was sick and attached a photo of his MC. Instead of telling him to get well soon, his Chinese supervisor said: “马来人都一样。” (Malays are the same)

What a racist! Many people have since swarmed in to criticize the supervisor for being racist. The fact that he replied him in Chinese was rude, disrespectful and racist. He completely disregarded the rights of his fellow colleague.

Moreover, the supervisor has a warped mentality and does not care about his staff’s wellbeing. Is it wrong to take MC? Malays cannot fall sick? Sick also must work, cannot take MC? Then what about the Chinese?

Netizens were appalled by the racist supervisor, who allegedly works for 9G Elevator. They called for the MOM and TAFEP to take action but wondered if the government will do anything about it. What do you think? Will they punish the supervisor or try to let the matter die down without giving us answers?

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