Covid-19 KTV Cluster: Is the Govt So Naive to Believe Nothing Will Happen Behind Closed Doors?

There are now 87 cases linked to the KTV cluster. Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said that it is disappointing to see the spike in cases just when we are relaxing our measures. But is the government really so naive to think that nothing will happen behind closed doors?

The index case was a Vietnamese hostess who was on a short-term visit pass. The cluster then multiplied thanks to these hostesses who frequent various KTV outlets. Why is the government still importing foreigners? Why are they allowing them to come in on short-term visit passes?

After welcoming so many of them, how is it that the authorities did not check on these sleazy outlets and clamp down on them? The PAP likes to say that it plans for our future, but why did they not see this coming? Do they really believe that these lupsup KTVs will abide by the rules and only serve food and drinks?

Most Singaporeans have done our part all this time. We have been patient, only to have our efforts sabotaged by the government’s oversight and errant KTV operators. And after all this, we are simply told that the situation is “troubling”.

Who are the ones who let their guards down? Does the PAP have the right to say that they are “disappointed” with the situation? Will you still trust them to bring the pandemic under control?

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