Ong Ye Kung: “Troubling and Disappointing” to See Rise in Covid-19 Cases

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung found it “troubling” and “disappointing” that there is a spike in the number of Covid-19 cases. Singapore reported a total of 56 new local cases today, with 41 linked to the KTV cluster. The cluster involved several Vietnamese hostesses and grew as people continued to mingle with one another.

Ong Ye Kung said that hostess services are not allowed and was disappointed that people continue to violate safe management rules. He did not understand why Singaporeans never learn after seeing countries like South Korea and Hong Kong scramble to control large clusters caused by nightlife businesses.

Where were the safe distancing ambassadors? What were they doing?

Nevertheless, those who visited the affected KTV outlets and interacted with hostesses will have their testing kept confidential.

Thanks to these lup sup people, the number of Covid-19 cases have spiked again, and this comes right after we can finally dine out with more people. Do you find it troubling and disappointing too? How long can we dine out with our family and friends before we have to tighten restrictions again?

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