Netizen: My Wife’s Colleague Keeps Hitting On Her! Even Asked Her Out On Dates!

Dear AllSingaporeStuff,

Able to help trend this guy? My wife and I has been together for more than 5 years plus with 2 kids. This bugger came in because they are work colleagues. He tried to hit on my wife when they’re working together. Calling her names and stuff. Even dated her for movie date and dinner date.

I found out every single thing and saw every single text they exchanged but sorry I don’t got much screenshot of it.

Appreciate it if u could help. Now my wife and I is in deep mess because of this bugger.

I caught him putting his hands on my wife’s lap when my wife is sitting close to him. And his excuse is that he’s asking my wife to sit over to my side as I’m staring at him.

I saw every single thing that he has done on that very night.

Ang WL
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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