Migrant Workers Help Elderly On Faulty Wheelchair Take Shelter From The Rain

Dear Editors,

As I was cycling past Jalan Besar today to take shelter at a bus stop due to a sudden downpour, I witnessed a pleasant occurrence.

An elderly Chinese uncle was also similarly caught in the rain due to the faulty mechanics of his wheelchair. Two migrant workers who saw this from the bus stop immediately rushed to carry the uncle into the bus stop and pushed his wheelchair inwards likewise too.

As I was cycling heading for shelter, I couldn’t stop to take the heartwarming picture in time which I believe, could warm the cockles of many hearts. The manner that the migrant worker in pink carried the uncle in his arms, was akin to carrying his own father. They later waited for the Uncle’s bus. The expression was so genuine unlike those we see on State media. (Uncle was all smiles)

While we’re currently busy keeping tabs on the CECA issue, let us not forget the migrant workers in our midst who toil for the beautiful infrastructural development of our country, yet are not covered by the provisions of CECA.

They are treated shabbily on our shores, cramped like sardines in dormitories and rendered token meals for the day’s hard work. They certainly cannot afford the high costs of dining out as their hard earned monies however meagre, are sent back to feed many mouths who wait in anticipation.

Some of them unfortunately passed on in industrial accidents or sustain permanent injuries they will have to endure for the rest of their natural life. Needless to mention the insufficient compensation they receive from the insurance companies.

Let us look out for the downtrodden, the oppressed workers, homeless and less fortunate in our society as we strive to build a more Equitable and Just Singapore!

Dan De Costa
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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