Domestic Helper Sends Message To All Bangladeshi Men Who F**k Around And Cheat Their Money

In a video uploaded onto TikTok, a domestic helper left a message to “for all the Bangladeshi men” who sleep around and take their money. She also shared that they cheat with the friends of their girlfriends.

“Can you please use your heart when you make off with Indonesian girl. Not only just f**king. F**king free, sometimes take money also! But after that you f**k another girl again! Also still same friend with other friend. The friend that you f**k is the friend from your girlfriend. This is very stupid. What kind of life is this! You not thinking in your country you have mother you have sister. If the other people do that to your sister or your mother or your wife in your country, what will you feel?”
– Tiktok @19828280renita

The TikToker also reminds them that “all Indonesians have very good heart, when they fall in love they use their hearts, they never use their brains.” According to her, when some Indonesians fall in love, they give all their money to their boyfriends, forgetting that they have their own children or parents at home. She says that the Bangladeshi men should not take advantage of this.

“You say love you lah, blablabla, I love you, you beautiful lah, like this lah nonsense! If you like a girl only one girl. Until you no more working in Singapore then you break the relationship then everybody happy. Don’t this Sunday you f**k this girl, then next Sunday you f**k another girl. And this girl and this girl is still friend. This is very stupid, that’s why so many girls with broken hearts because of this stupid thinking.”

At the end of the video, she reminds the Bangladeshi men that “God not sleep, today you do bad to Indonesian girl, next time, people will do bad to your sister. Remember.”

See the video here.

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