Viet Lambo Driver With Poor Parking Skills Blames Honda For Parking Too Close

A purple Lamborghini driver returned to the car park to find an almost impossible space to enter her car. She subsequently took a photo and blamed the Honda car for parking beside her.

“Jealous drives people to psycho.
This Honda owner is not only poor in finance but also poor in EQ that’s why he purposely parked like this.
If you think I cannot open the door, you are wrong man! You will see what are the troubles I created for you then.”
– Hana Vo

Many commenters were quick to point out on the Facebook post by SG Road Vigilante that the Lambo driver is the one that parked over the white line in the first place. SG Vigilante also shared that her road tax had expired since last month.

Netters also decided to CSI this lady, and they found out that this is not the first time she’s flaunting her wealth online. She was allegedly a personal financial consultant with OCBC, before moving to RMS Raymotorsport Pte Ltd as a Business Development Manager.

Seems like she got the money but she’s the one without the EQ, or the parking skills.

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