Girl Suffers From Seizures One Day After 1st Dose Of COVID Vaccine

Freddie Putrizzulfaiq took to Facebook to share that his daughter was admitted to KK Hospital today due to a seizure episode during her 1st lesson at school. She reportedly had her first dose of the COVID vaccine the day prior.

Just last week, a 16-year-old suffered from cardiac arrest a week after his vaccination. Another boy was also admitted to KKH following chest pains during his PE lesson in school.

When will the government answer to these various cases of children suffering from ailments shortly after their COVID vaccination? They need to stop trying to find excuses to say that their ailments have nothing to do with the vaccine! Are they trying to avoid giving handouts for vaccination-related side effects?

The US FDA already say that heart inflammation is a possible side effect of the vaccines, our government must start taking responsibility for our children, especially since they are the ones pushing for them to be vaccinated!

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