PSP’s Jeffrey Khoo: Ethnic Integration Policy Should Also Apply To Condos!

The HDB’s Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) was introduced 1989 to prevent the formation of ethnic enclaves. It sets a quota on who can reside in each neighborhood/block, to ensure that each HDB estate has a balanced racial mix. It is supposed to promote racial integration and harmony.

In response to the recent debate in parliament about the EIP, PSP’s Jeffrey Khoo wrote a Facebook post suggesting that the EIP should also apply to private housing. He pointed out that many condominiums and landed properties in Singapore are rented out to well paid foreign PMETS, and they are not well-integrated into the society.

“If a disproportionate number of EPs and S Passes are from one region, would it not at some point cause statements such as “I felt like a foreigner in my own country” to be voiced. What do you think?”
– PSP’s Jeffrey Khoo

What he says is very true. From Mandarin Gardens, to Orchid Park Condominium, many Singaporeans are complaining that their condominiums are increasingly filled with foreigners, especially South Asians.

Many of these PMETs also choose not to abide by local rules, from hosting large gatherings at their condominiums, to getting aggressive with our security guards. What’s happening now, is that instead of helping these FTs integrate into our society, what we have to do is integrate into them instead.

We need the EIP in our private housing, we need to set a quota on the number of FTs allowed. Many PMETs (especially South Asians) are already making all these condominiums their ethnic enclaves. Moreover, having a quota will also reduce the prices of private housing for the locals, as we won’t have to compete with these FTs who can pay exorbitant prices as they are reimbursed by their companies for coming here. It may even discourage companies from hiring as many FTs because they become even more expensive to hire!

In the comment section, PSP’s Jeffrey Khoo responded that he will leave it up to Hazel Poa and Leong Mun Wai to decide when they would like to bring this up in parliament. Hopefully they will do it soon!

The government must do something before things get even more out of hand!

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