Indian Government: There Are 650,000 Indians In Singapore

According to a document by the Ministry of External Affairs in India, there are 650,000 Indians in Singapore as of December 2018, made up of 300,000 persons of Indian origin (i.e. first generation SC/PRs), and 350,000 non-resident Indians (i.e. EP/WP/etc. holders).

In 2018, Singapore’s population was at 5.639 million. 650,000 Indians in Singapore means that they made up 11.5% of our entire population at that time. Moreover, there were only about 507,000 Singaporean Indians in 2018. This means that the number of Indian nationals here were comparable in size with our local Indians.

The population of Indian nationals in Singapore would have increased since then. Is this why the Singapore government refuses to release data on the nationalities of PRs in Singapore? Are they afraid that we will find out about how our local Indian population is going to be overpowered by the Indian nationals? Are they trying to hide the fact that the CECA has in fact brought in more South Asians than every other country out there?

And have they forgotten that Vivian Balakrishnan once said that it is important to be completely transparent?

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