Indian EP holders doubled to 25%, did our education system fail us?

Yesterday, PAP’s Tan See Leng shared in parliament that the proportion of Employment Pass (EP) holders from India doubled to 25 per cent last year, from 14 per cent in 2005. He says that this is driven by the growth of our digital economy and technological sector, rather than CECA, and emphasized that Singapore does not have enough locals to fill the jobs available.

“As every sector seeks to be digitally enabled, their need for tech talent has grown significantly,”
– Tan See Leng

Does this mean that our local education system has failed us? With some of the best universities in the world, why is it that we still lose our jobs to a country where many of them graduated with fake certificates or degrees that can be bought with money? Some of their universities don’t even exist!

Moreover, does South Asia really have the best tech talents? Why is it that such a big proportion of them come from South Asia? There are so many other countries out there, from the US with their Silicon Valley (i.e. Apple, Google, Facebook), or even China, where some of our favorite apps come from (e.g. AliExpress, Taobao). If it is tech talents we are looking for, we should have a balanced amount of talents from all over! If this is not because of CECA, the government needs to give better explanations!

Is this why Shanmugam is scared to reveal the PR data to us?

“Given our history, it has been our assessment that releasing the data of country of origin of our PRs will both create negative sensitivities with other countries; and may affect the flow of PRs from such countries,”
– Shanmugam

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