Domestic Helpers & Their Alleged Boyfriends Caught Having Picnic In A Group Of 10

According to our reader, a photo showing a group of maids and their alleged “boyfriends” having a picnic at the park connector near Marina Cruise Centre taken on 4 July is currently circulating on WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp message also said that most of the foreign workers are not wearing masks, and the group has almost 10 people.

How can we turn a blind eye on such behavior when Singaporeans are suffering with all the circuit breakers? We are already trying our best to contain the virus but here they are blatantly ignoring our rules! What if one of them has the virus and then they spread to such a big group? After that they bring the virus back to the family they work for?!

More SDAs need to be deployed to such locations, especially during the weekends where most of our domestic helpers have their off days! We cannot let such behavior jeopardize our efforts against the virus!

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