Netizen: Why Are Our Government Pages Managed By People Overseas?

Dear Editors,

It has come to my attention when viewing the page transparency of our government FB pages that many of them are managed by people based overseas. Most of these people overseas come from India, whilst a smaller group come from the Philippines.

These are not mainstream media or alternative media platforms. These are official pages from which many Singaporeans get information about local affairs related to the respective ministries. I have many questions.

First of all, how were these people hired? If they were hired by the ministries themselves, could they not find a local to do the job?

If the management of these FB pages are accorded to an external vendor, can we still trust the posts on the pages and the responses we get from them whenever we present them with a query?

All in all, is this considered foreign interference in domestic politics? Something which our government speaks strongly against? If they are managing our FB pages, isn’t it very easy for them to subvert the pages and create posts as they wish?

I hope that the ministries will come out to clarify this.

From a concerned citizen,
<A.S.S. Contributor>

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