Friends of FT Who Refused to Wear Mask Accused Singapore of Going on a Witch Hunt

Remember UK national Benjamin Glynn who was caught for not wearing a mask? A reader told us that his friends and family allegedly accused us of going on a witch hunt after unfairly arresting him.

They were said to have called us an “oppressive legal regime” and criticized our police for “violently” catching him. They believe he should have the freedom not to wear a mask.

“The people of Singapore are hell bent on starting a witch hunt against Ben for exercising his human right of freedom of movement without a mask. They are hurling insults and threats against him and he fears to go out in the public for the possibility that he might be assaulted.”

They must have forgotten that he is in Singapore, not in the UK, and should therefore abide by our laws. He could have solved his own problems by simply putting on a mask. Why is it so difficult?

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