Customer Asks For Full Refund Because Prawns In Prawn Mee Came With Shells

Prawn Mee Stall Deanna’s Kitchen received an e-mail from Deliveroo to inform them that a customer asked for a full refund for their bowl of prawn mee because the prawns came with shell.

What is ridiculous is that the photograph provided by the customer shows that they have already eaten most of it.

“The photo taken clearly already shows customer already eaten 3/4 of the mee and all the clams. But because of the prawns coming shelled instead of peeled, he/she sees the need to ask for a full refund.”
– Deanna’s Kitchen

This customer is so unethical. If it were a real complain, you would have complained before you started eating. Also, because of the circuit breaker so many local businesses are suffering, least you can do is be reasonable.

Deanna’s Kitchen mentioned that they have appealed to Deliveroo and is waiting for Deliveroo’s respond.

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