90 Work Passes Approved for Highly Skilled Foreigners, Said to Create Jobs for Singaporeans

The government has approved up to 90 work passes for foreigners in the tech sector. This is a jump as compared to four months ago, when it approved a total of 22 applications.

The special work pass is called Tech.Pass and is a new initiative to bring in more foreign experts. Administered by the Economic Development Board, the pass attracts only top-tier professionals and is valid for two years. Under the scheme, foreign talents will be able to sponsor the stay for their family members who choose to come here.

Tech.Pass also builds on the [email protected] programme, which has more flexible requirements for FTs to get an Employment Pass here.

Chan Chun Sing previously warned that Singapore will be “left behind” if we did not bring in these professionals. Attracting them to come here will help grow our businesses, make us globally competitive and create more jobs for everyone. Like what Carousell’s co-founder said:

“This will inevitably help level up our local talent pool by learning and being mentored by world class tech talent from all around the world.”

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