Woman Makes Detailed Record Of Neighbor’s Smoking Habits To Kaopeh

A 52-year-old self-employed woman living with her 75-year-old mother at Block 241 Bukit Panjang Ring Road was so irritated with the second-hand smoke coming into her HDB flat that she decided to note down details of every time she smelt the second-hand smoke. She discovered that her neighbor smokes about 12-16 times a day, or more than 150 times in 2 weeks.

The woman has had to put up with this second-hand smoke from the unit right below hers for over 20 years. When her previous smoking neighbor moved out, she thought she could finally have unpolluted air. However, her new neighbors that moved in turned out to be even heavier smokers.

The woman tried closing her windows, but the heat was unbearable. Because of the smoke, both she and her mother would come down with sore throat and stuffy nose. When she tried to talk to her neighbors about it, they dismissed her and told her that she can go talk to the authorities if she wants because smoking is allowed at home.

In response to Shin Min’s queries, the Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council urged residents not to smoke near windows or balconies and spare a thought for others who are non-smokers.

That should not be it! They need to take more stringent actions on this or come up with better solutions!

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